Plasto-Sac Production Capabilities & Markets

Product Range
Jointly or independently our Group can offer you the following significant range of products:

Commodity Market:
Fashion & Retail Carrier Bags: Patch Handle, Flexi Loop Handle, Punch Out, Fold Over, Garment Covers, etc.

Industrial Market:
Film on Rolls for Converting, Heavy Duty Bags/Rolls, Pallet Covers, Stretch Hoods, etc.

Food & Consumer Market:
Wicketted Bags, Extended Shlf-Life Breathable Film Bags, Plasto-Mesh® Bags, Plasto-Mesh® in Rolls for FFS, etc

Rubber & Tire Market:
Smooth protective release film (R1, R15, R20), Embossed protective release film (R5), Low melt bags (Elasto Bags), etc.

Document & Money Market:
Security Bags, Envelock® Tamper Proof Evidence Bags, Coin Bags, Courier Envelopes, etc.

The latest market addition:

Lamination Market:
Plasto-Sac Group invests in the very latest printing and lamination technology In-line lamination with instant Electron Beam curing. Now we have new range of products include a large variety of technical films for lamination; up to 8 color printed, shrink film for mineral water and soft drink packaging; pet food film and bags , high barrier heavy duty bags for sensitive and hygroscopic compounds, polymers, powders and medical products; a whole family of lids for PE, PP, PET and PVC film.

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