Release Film
Plasto-Sac R-SERIES® release films provide industry-leading benefits, including:
“R” Series®- Protective Release Film
  • Thoroughly tested and approved by the top tire and rubber producers in the world.
  • Completely non-interactive formulations for virtually every rubber calendaring and extrusion application.
  • An average 30% reduction in mil thickness compared to other release films and consistent mil thickness across the web.
  • Significantly reduced cost, space savings, productivity advantages, and reduced environmental impact.
Smooth Release Film: R1, R20
Embossed Release Film: R5, R6, R7
Custom Release Film:
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Low Melt Point Bags
Plasto-Sac ELASTOBAGS® Low Melt Point EVA Inclusion Bags provide clean and consistent batch mixes:
Low Melt Point BagsELASTOBAGS® Low Melt Point Batch Inclusion Bags
  • All ingredients are held in the bag until mixing, thereby avoiding waste and contamination associated with open mixing techniques.
  • Ensures consistent batch quality and zero ingredient loss.
  • Ideal for containing and mixing the accelerators and specialized chemicals used in rubber compounding processes in tire and rubber mixing operations.
  • Available in 3 standard temperature ranges as well as custom material formulations to meet your requirements.
ELASTOBAGS® Low Melt Point Batch Inclusion Bags
Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEBs) and Security Envelopes
Plasto-Sac’s patented ENVELOCK® technology is the world’s most tamper evident design:
  • Meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of international security agencies.
  • Any intrusion method including cutting, heating, freezing, chemical dissolution and others will result in highly visible tamper markings.
  • STEBs and Envelopes can be manufactured in any size with up to 8 co-extruded colors.
  • Duty free bags are transparent. Security envelopes are available in transparent or opaque.
Low Melt Point Bags Low Melt Point Bags
Tamper Evident STEB Duty Free Bags Envelock® Security Envelopes