About Us

Plasto Sac, LTD. manufactures co-extruded films, laminations and bags/pouches. We produce a wide range of products such as security bags, heavy duty bags, produce bags, high barrier bags, industrial bags, pet food bags, courier envelopes, shrink films and stretch hoods. Plasto-Sac, Ltd. is Israel’s leading manufacturer of polyolefin blown films and creative packaging solutions.

Our dedicated staff ensures maximum adherence to customer requirements, excellent quality control, on-time scheduled deliveries and uncompromising service.

We are committed to the ISO 9000 quality standards and to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Safety Standard, the strictest of international standards, and to specified standards of customers throughout Europe and the USA.

The Plasto-Sac Group has three production sites in Israel:
Plasto-Sac, Ltd. based in Yavne, Plasto-Sac’s daughter company, Mor Plastic Industries, Ltd. based in Sderot, and the Cargal Flexible packaging facility.

Plasto-Sac North America is now operating out of the Joynt Packaging International Headquarters in upstate New York, and operates 10 warehouses across North America.

Plasto-Sac, Ltd. R-Film customers have averaged a 30% reduction from their previous mil thicknesses. This translates into significant cost savings, productivity advantages, space savings, and environmental impact. Plasto-Sac, Ltd. has also been a producer of low-melt batch inclusion bags for over 20 years. Our premium low-melt bags are available in tubing and single-wound sheeting for VFFS applications. Our state-of-the-art extrusion and bag making equipment ensures the highest quality and consistency for your pre-weigh bags and release films.